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Why eG is larger in size than most extensions?

A: eG contains a lot of images and localization files. The installation file (.xpi) is around 350 KB in size which is about 1 minute download time with a 56Kbps modem.

Why eG works sometimes erratically?

A: Conflicts between extensions is the cause of that. That can't be always avoided. Please report any conflict to me and also give same feedback to the developpers of the other conflicting extension.

Why the Pie Menu is not showing on a mouseup event as a contextual popup menu?

A: If the pie menu is displayed on mouse up, the stroke (drag and release) is not possible anymore. That's why it has to be displayed on a mouse down event.

Why eG does not pop up over a Flash animation or a pdf document?

A: There is no way to detect a mouse event over the area drawn by a plugin such as Flash or Acrobat Reader. Hence, no menu can pop up inside this area.

Why the autoscrolling function is not working anymore with eG installed?

A: When eG is first installed, the Firefox "use autoscrolling" option is unchecked so that only the pie menu is triggered on a middle click. This is normal behavior. if you want to reactivate this function, go to "Tools> Options> Advanced> Browsing" menu and check 'Use autoscrolling'.

Can i change the language of eG?

A: You can change the locale of easyGestures regardless of Firefox locale. This means that you can have Firefox en-US installed and still have eG displaying in a different language. Of course, eG will be first installed with the same locale as Firefox.

Can i switch off the the pie menu display and still be able to perform actions?

A: This is not how easyGestures is supposed to be used but this still can be done: read this.

What is wrong with eG on Mac OS?

A: I can't test eG on Mac OS for now. So expect to have a bunch of unfixed bugs until i can work on it.

How can i make the middle mouse button work with a Logitech cordless optical mouse?

A: It seems like the Logitech MouseWare won't recognize the middle mouse button or the two thumb buttons. This is a bug from this software. Let's hope that Logitech will fix that bug soon.

What can i do if eG is not working anymore since last update?

A: When this is caused by the prefrences being updated incorrectly, you can fix the problem by deleting all existing eG preferences. Proceed as follow:

  1. close ALL Firefox windows
  2. go to your Firefox profile folder. In winXP, path should be 'C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\'
  3. open file named 'prefs.js'
  4. delete all entries corresponding to easyGestures then save and restart Firefox.